1. Frequently Treated: Gallbladder

    by Orie Quinn, DC Symptoms: The typical symptoms of a gallbladder problem are pains in the upper right abdominal quadrant that will often get worse when you eat. In my office the biggest sign that I have seen, and what usually helps me find a gallbladder problem early on, is rather sharp right shoul…Read More

  2. A Case of Lyme Disease

    by Orie Quinn, DC While I went to school to become a Chiropractor in Dallas at Parker University, my training with Applied Kinesiology and how to really work with and help clients came from time spent with Dr. John Bandy in Austin Texas. So often I have had cases come into the office that should be …Read More

  3. A Journey with Parkinson’s

    by Orie Quinn, DC I have been blessed over my six years in practice to meet and work with some of the best of people. They have come from all areas of life and backgrounds and have come in to be treated for all sorts of reasons. It is not unusual for someone to come into my office simply because th…Read More