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Who We Are

Dr. Orie Quinn, D.C.

Proprietor/Owner/Lead Chiropractor

A.K. certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Hi, I’m Dr. Orie Quinn!

My passion for health and wellness came from my own health struggles. I began having daily seizures for the first time in my life when I was in my early 20s. The seizures started an eight-month journey of frustration and struggles as I looked for answers amongst hospitals, doctors, neurologists, and even chiropractors. I found answers with an applied kinesiologist doctor, Dr. John Bandy, in Austin, Texas. He was able to pinpoint the underlying cause of my seizures and provide me with a nutritional plan that alleviated all the seizures and helped me to feel my best.

As amazing as this story is, healing my body was just the first step of my journey. I realized that even though the seizures had stopped, I still felt tired, stressed, and not very enthusiastic about life in general. In the years since, my studies and the help of professionals like Dr. Bandy have provided me with the information I needed to make changes in my diet, activity level, mental attitude, mindfulness, and overall lifestyle. I’m now feeling healthier and more capable than ever before, and it’s this success that I am passionate about sharing with others. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you along your own health journey.

Education and Certifications

Doctor of Chiropractic

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Texas

Applied Kinesiology certified

Anatomy, B.S.

Parker University
Dallas, Texas

Health & Wellness, B.S.

Parker University
Dallas, Texas

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Dr. Cole Fennel

Chiropractic & Functional Medicine

Like many, Dr. Fennel's journey into alternative healthcare came through his own health challenges. He is an enthusiastic rock climber and runner, and before going to chiropractic school, took a deep dive into the vast world of diet and lifestyle to improve his own wellness and athletic performance. He found the endeavor simple in the beginning: the more habits he changed the better he felt, and the more athletic output he was able to achieve. The results were so moving that he was soon inspired to learn more and share his knowledge with others.


Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t--something had abruptly changed. He felt his energy levels drop, noticed brain fog creeping in, was in and out of dizziness, and was having to nap constantly. After a bit of searching and exploring with local doctors, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. A year of failed treatments followed. He became connected with a chronic illness clinic in Wichita, Kansas led by kinesiology and functional medicine-based chiropractors. It was the first time his illness had been approached in a holistic manner. All components of his health—chemical, physical, and emotional—were considered and addressed and for the first time. Soon, things started to improve: the fatigue and brain fog dissipated allowing him to maintain his studies and he found himself performing better than ever as an athlete. Most importantly, he knew from that point forward he needed to shift focus to becoming a kinesiology-based chiropractor and learn everything he could about functional medicine.


Dr. Fennel's story illustrates the importance of having a doctor who understands first-hand the benefits of a holistic model of health. Great nutrition and lifestyle can be critical to maintaining and avoiding disease, but in the modern world of constant stress and immense environmental toxins, sometimes the body needs some extra help. 

Education & Certifications

Doctor of Chiropractic

University of Cleveland
Kansas City, 

300+ hours of training in Applied Kiesiology

including: Professional Applied Kinesiology certification (PAK) for
Quintessential Applications Level 1 Proficiency

Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology (CPK)

150 hours of training

Wholistic Methylation

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Acupuncture Certification 

“My greatest aspiration as a practitioner is to instill hope in my clients. It’s in hope that we have a future; in hope that we have a chance of getting better.”

Image by Riccardo Ginevri

Our Philosophy

Education. Positivity. Balance. 

When we talk about “health,” we often treat the word as if it means “sick or not sick;” but health is so much more than that. Within one body, there are numerous complex and intertwined systems, all affecting each other and dependent on one another. It is a delicate balance. The work we do here is geared toward rediscovering that balance. Our goal is to uncover the root cause of your ailments and use those investigations to steady and advance your health.


Our philosophy is one that centers around each client’s individual health journey. We don’t want you to become reliant on visits for the rest of your life; what we want is to use our time with you to educate you on how to make the best choices for your body and mind.  You know your body better than anyone else, and better than we do; but we try to teach you what to pay attention to, what questions to ask, and how to address them. 


We also believe a kind and inviting environment is vital to the healing processes. Our approach encapsulates gratitude, emotional work, and many other harder-to-see factors. With that in mind, we select practitioners who have a passion for helping others heal, are confident in their field, and who are friendly and compassionate. Our handpicked team members use a variety of natural, non-invasive, trusted healing tactics to address your health.  


It must also be said that you won't often hear the word “cure.” Health is an ever-changing, morphing aspect of being alive. When an issue has calmed down to a manageable status, that internal balance may be different than the one you were used to before seeing us. However, we will teach you maintenance and help you toward feeling the best that you can. 

Maintaining our health is a constant task and everyone's balance is different, but we are here to help. 

Will Ireland


Many holistic practitioners come to natural medicine because health complications of their own drove them to look for alternative solutions. Will is no different:


Will’s journey into holistic health began with a tick bite while hiking in Southwest Virginia. After experiencing a strange array of symptoms, he began to seek answers to his health problems that Western medicine wasn’t solving. He avidly researched diet changes, began exercising diligently, and became fascinated in the power of medicinal plants. Will has also had encounters with parasite infections from traveling, SIBO, food poisonings, food allergies/intolerances, and histamine intolerance, all of which further drove his interest in natural medicine.


He attended Bastyr University in Seattle for the Herbal Sciences program and stayed in Washington for 10 years, immersing himself in formal and self-directed education in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology, and food science. When he came to Seattle in 2012, it was on a touring bike, hauling a trailer northward for almost 2000 miles from Santa Barbara, CA along the Pacific Coast route. Coinciding with his intellectual pursuits has always been a deep-seated drive for athletic endurance. Will is an ultramarathon runner; he has participated in several 50K, 50-mile, and 12-hour races in the state of Washington. Nowadays, he enjoys spin cycling, functional weightlifting, and ecstatic dance. 


Will came to Northwest Arkansas in the summer of 2021 and enrolled in the Black Brook School of Massage in Fayetteville. He sees clients at Ozark Holistic Center for deep tissue and cranial-sacral massage therapy, as well as for nutritional counseling. He has a unique and well-developed insight into the links between substances, foods, the body, cognition, and activity. 

Education & Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) 

Black Brook School of Massage, 2022
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Clinical Herbalist Certificate 

Natural Healing Institute, 2017

Holistic Health Coach Certificate (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) (2015)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2015

B.S. Geosciences, B.A. Geography

Virginia Tech, 2009


Evey Fortin


Evey has been practicing massage therapy since 2009. She is inspired by an interest to assist people reach their health and healing goals. She enjoys working together with clients and considers the healing process to be collaborative, one where both the client's and therapist's participation is essential. Evey uses a variety of therapeutic massage techniques including cranial-sacral, deep tissue, prenatal, and more. Evey is a homeschool mother of two. She spends her free time reading and taking care of their farm with her husband, Erik.

Education & Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) 

Blue Cliff School of Massage, 2008
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist

Blue Cliff School of Massage, 2008
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Certified Cranial-Sacral Massage Therapist

Ray of Light Training
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Molly Oman


Growing up, Molly was always involved in sports, exploring all types of movement practices. That love eventually led her to a passion for overall wellness. She wanted to deepen her knowledge of the body and help people along the way, so she found her way to the path of massage therapy. Molly graduated from Black Brook School of Massage in 2022, with the intention of treating each individual with the care they need, and to continue learning throughout her career. 

Education & Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) 

Black Brook School of Massage, 2022
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Clinical Herbalist Certificate 

Natural Healing Institute, 2017

molly o.jpeg

Morgan Fleming

Boheme Aesthetics

Morgan is our resident holistic skin therapist. She has been a Licensed Esthetician for five years, and a Certified Master Herbalist for three years. She provides high-vibe customized, plant-based facial treatments, brow & lash enhancements, and selected body waxing services. She takes a very holistic approach to provide your skin with nourishing, soul restoring organic treatments while analyzing internal issues to assist you in your skin healing journey. Beauty & wellness can co-exist; beautiful skin starts from within.

Education & Certifications

Certified Master Herbalist

Trinity School of Natural Heath, 2021
Warsaw, IN

Aesthetics & Makeup Artistry

Bellus Academy, 2018
Manhattan, Ks

Elleebana Lash Lift Certified


Jessica Deahl

Vibrant Health Acupuncture

Jessica Deahl is a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM and a licensed acupuncturist in Arkansas, with previous licensure in Arizona. She completed her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco, CA in December 2013 and has been practicing since early 2014. Prior to studying Chinese medicine, Jessica was a licensed massage therapist for 10 years, and she continued to practice massage in combination with acupuncture until moving to Northwest Arkansas in 2020. She is skilled in motor point needling of the facial muscles for cosmetic purposes as well as to treat Bell’s Palsy and post-stroke facial paralysis. Jessica is also trained in Neuo-acupuncture, which can alleviate symptoms of several neurological, pain, or paralysis-related conditions, and in Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatments (SAAT), which is used to treat chronic allergies at the root of the problem. She can also perform Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, which is a gentle and less-invasive alternative to popular injectables.

Jessica loves connecting with her patients. She is thankful to be a part of their healing and wellness journey and believes that the human body, mind, and spirit are beautifully intertwined and always striving for balance. She aims to meet each individual where they are at and work together towards their goals. Jessica specializes in treating both acute and chronic pain and utilizes both local and distal needling techniques depending on the patient. She incorporates cupping, gua sha, and hands-on manual therapy when appropriate. She has a lot of experience treating digestive issues, emotional health including stress/anxiety/depression/PTSD, insomnia, allergies and asthma, headaches/migraines, musculoskeletal pain, neuropathy, inflammatory conditions, painful and irregular menstrual cycles, and peri and post-menopausal issues. She utilizes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary & lifestyle modifications depending on the individual’s needs. With over 20 years of experience in the holistic health arena, she is a trusted source for natural healing.

Education & Certifications

Master of Science, Chinese Medicine

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3013

Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment, 2024

Neuroacupuncture Certified, 2024

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