It’s time for a holistic approach to healing. We look forward to guiding you on your path to wellness. Please reach out to our facility for any of the following services.

Chiropractic Adjustment

We use pressure and minimal force to correct the fixated joints in your body. We use this method in conjunction with myofascial release and muscle testing to ensure your body retains proper stability. Click here to learn more!

Myofascial Release

Our bodies and ailments are the culmination of our physical traumas, injuries, posture, and movement patterns. We hold onto tension and movement patterns deep within the fascia of the body. This tension changes our posture, affects our mobility, and often brings on pain with no obvious source. With myofascial release, we identify the points of tension and work to eliminate them. Click here to learn more!

Applied Kinesiology

We use our understanding of the link between your organs and glands, as well as muscle inhibition, to detect signs of internal problems. Manual muscle testing is one of the tools we use in our diagnosis process. By correcting these muscle and reflex imbalances, we have been able to help heal underlying problems in our patients. Click to learn more!

Lab Work Analysis

Some clients benefit from blood work, genetic testing, urine analysis, and saliva testing. We find specific deficiencies and issues, then work to create a plan using holistic and alternative medicine to solve the problem. We would be happy to go over any lab results from other offices and provide our professional advice based on the results.

Nutritional Consultations

We use muscle and reflex testing to find what nutrients may benefit your body as it heals. We also offer plans and nutrition protocols to improve health and wellbeing. Learn more here!