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You choose your health journey.

Individual and Personalized Holistic Care

Uncover the root cause and advance your health.

Long-term solutions through functional medicine and individualized care.

Our approach

We are a collective of holistic practitioners using a variety of natural, non-invasive, trusted healing tactics to address your health. We adjust our methods for each client to develop a regimen of individualized care. We ask lots of questions so that we can make the connections other doctors don't. Our appointments are longer than typical health care visits in order to allow for a safe space and ample time for clients to discuss and to be heard.

We treat based on you, not others like you.

Meet our team

Our collective of practitioners and the office team that keeps us running.

Our team offers a variety of approaches to help meet your needs. We select practitioners who have a passion for helping others heal, are confident in their field, and who are friendly and compassionate. We believe a kind and inviting environment is vital to the healing processes. 

OHC_staff-Dr Orie Quinn7.jpg

Orie Quinn, D.C.

Chiropractor, Director


Evey Fortin

Massage Therapist


Morgan Fleming



Cole Fennel, D. C. 

Chiropractic Extern

molly o.jpeg

Molly Oman

Massage Therapist


Amber Gibbs

Office Manager


Will Ireland, L.M.T.

Massage Therapist


Jessica Deahl


Our Strengths

We feel comfortable tackling wide variety of health complications. The top categories of health concerns we see include pain relief, mobility, hormone balancing, and overall wellbeing. Our strength in healing comes from our shared passion for helping others feel their best in the cleanest best ways possible. We are proud to serve not only Northwest Arkansas, but many clients in surrounding states. 

Conditions We Work With

The list below is not exhaustive, but it contains some of the most common issues and services with which we have had success. If you are suffering with something not listed below, do not fear! Call to book a free consultation to further discuss your situation with a practitioner.

injury recovery

musculoskeletal adjustments

auto-immune disorder care

stress & tension

depression & anxiety

sports injuries

migraines & headaches

food sensitivities

thyroid & hormone care

sleep trouble


pain management 

IBS & other GI issues

lyme disease & other tick-borne illnesses

mold & parasites

diabetes & insulin resistance

fascial releasing

eczema & psoriasis

liver health

circulation & cardiovascular health

plantar fasciitis

general maintenance & health optimization


pregnancy pains


menstrual pains & irregularities


Our Services

Explore our methods for advancing your health

What Patients Say

"Dr. Quinn is genuinely concerned about your health and well being.  He looks at your complete history and symptoms and labs to look at your whole medical needs. He believes in less  is better than more medicines/ vitamins/ supplements. He is a breath of fresh air in the medical community."

Sally H.


“My greatest aspiration as a practitioner is to instill hope in my clients. It’s in hope that we have a future; in hope that we have a chance of getting better.”

Dr. Quinn

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