by Orie Quinn, DC

Any type of pain that you experience throughout your day: it can be ongoing or acute. This can be pain in the back and spine brought on by strains, sprains, or even disc pains,or any joint or muscle o f the body: knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, hip, shoulder, etc.…

Importance of history

We are the culmination of the physical traumas that we have experienced. It is very important for us (the
doctors) to understand the events that have occurred in your life. Old knee injuries will lead to current neck
pain. A large portion of the initial visit is spent understanding the important health events of someone’s life.
Through the correction process, we must clear and correct layers of past traumas to fix the current

The Correction

Building from years of training in Applied Kinesiology and years working hands on with clients, we have
developed a system that releases and corrects fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint to bring
about real, lasting corrections to the body. By identifying areas of weakness and injury, we work through
treatments to create stability and proper mechanics. This in turn creates improved function, strength,
and naturally removes the pain, as pain is the body’s response to the injury.

Time Frame

Depending on the severity, but usually within 2 treatments the symptoms are greatly reduced. For
physical pains brought on by traumas, 6-8 visits is the average amount of visits to correct the issue. For
some it is less and for others it is more. The positive findings determine the length of the treatment.