At OHC, we utilize many therapies in our holistic approach. As chiropractors we take a keen interest in the musculoskeletal system. Since the beginning, chiropractors have focused on correcting the structure of the body. One of the ways is through releasing myofascial restrictions.

Research tells us that our body is connected through intricate networks and layers of connective tissue known as fascia. This fascial network permeates throughout the entire body connecting distant points and supporting the structure of the body. The fascia is a matrix which contains collagen and ground substance. The ground substance is a gel-like layer that lies within the network.

When this gel-like layer dehydrates and compresses it causes restrictions. This can be caused by inflammation, injury, lack of movement, scars, nutritional issues, emotional stress, and many other things. These restrictions prevent the fascia from moving or gliding normally. The resulting imbalance from the restrictions create an improper tension and compression system in the body. This leads to structural issues due to lack of or increase in mechanoreceptor activity which results in changes to cell itself including its DNA. Our mechanoreceptors are integral to our body, our movement, and life. It is how we sense where we are in space, also known as proprioception. But there is much, much more to all of this. Our fascial system acts similarly to the nervous and endocrine systems. So, restrictions can lead to many negative changes throughout the body.

Myofascial releasing helps by restructuring and reorganizing the areas of restriction. This promotes the fascia neural-like network, healing, rehabilitation, and proper movement mechanics. These in turn help hydrate and maintain the fascial network. The fascial network is our largest sensory network and we rely on it to adapt to changes and to move.

Trigger points are similar, but they occur in muscle tissue. They are addressed in a similar fashion as well which promotes healing, blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and waste removal of the muscles.

Lastly, a note on movement. Movement is necessary for life. When we stop moving things fall apart. So being mobile, strong, and active is very important. Remember the old saying, “walk it off”? In most cases, it is true. Movement promotes healing and often decreases pain. This is why we recommend our clients to move as often as possible in addition to routine whole body exercises. This is also why we recommend coming to see us ever so often for regular check-ups.