B.S. Anatomy
          Parker University, Dallas, TX
B.S. Health and Wellness
          Parker University, Dallas, TX
Doctorate of Chiropractic
          Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, TX
Certified in Applied Kinesiology


My passion for health came from my own health struggles. In my early 20s, for the first time in my life, I began having seizures daily. It was an eight-month journey of frustration and struggles as I looked for answers amongst hospitals, Doctors, Neurologists and even Chiropractors. I found answers with an Applied Kinesiologist doctor, Dr. John Bandy, in Austin Texas. He found the cause of the seizures and gave me the right nutrition that stopped them.

As amazing as this story is, this only began my journey. I realized that I didn’t feel good in a lot of ways, and even though the seizures had stopped, I still felt tired, stressed, and not excited about life. Through the years since, with my studies, my experiences and the help of doctors like Dr. Bandy, I have found, step by step, the changes needed in diet, in activity level, in mental attitude, in mindfulness, and in lifestyle that bring about a healthier and more capable me.

It is this journey that I desire to give and share with others. There is a need to begin with the specifics and reverse the health conditions that we suffer from, but for people to feel how they really want to, we must aim much higher.

My wife always says that our family has had to pass through the health problems we have so that I can learn how correct them to help others. This holds true for the experiences gained with my family’s health problems, my personal health problems and my client’s health problems. I desire to share these experiences and what has been gained to inspire a healthier life in those who come into the office