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Fine adjustments can make big changes

Why see a chiropractor?

A massages have been used for thousands of years as a method of inducing relaxation, reducing stress and fatigue, and helping the body recover from injury. However additional relevant uses come into play in our clinic as well. Some styles can help stimulate blood flow and reducing chronic pain, increase muscle strength and reduce tightness, improve headaches, or aid in sleep heath and quality.

What can chiropractic help with?

In our office, we offer these styles of massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial-Sacral, and Prenatal at varying lengths. See our services for more details.


A Swedish massage focuses on relaxation. With medium pressure, our massage therapists can help relieve tension in stubborn areas and ease you into a state of comfort and full-body relaxation. We include a heated body mat and aromatherapy to help get your body relaxed from the get go. 

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage is usually geared toward pain relief and myofascial releasing. Myofascial releasing refers to the process of loosening up muscle tissues than have become tightly woven together. This can happen due to an injury, repeated motions, stress, or disease and over time can lead to easy muscle fatigue, muscle spasms, reduced blood circulation, difficulty breathing, anxiety, headaches, GI discomfort, or further injuries.  Often, we see clients who are dealing with muscular stress from a a long-ago injury and their body has compensated for the sensitivity on one side in the only way it knows how--by leaning more heavily toward the other. You may not have noticed compensation because it happens subconsciously; what you may have noticed instead is recurring aches and pains in seemingly unrelated parts of the body. Regular deep tissue massages can help your body regain balance and reduce recurring aches and pains. The effects of these can also help improve sleep, mental focus, and gut health.  Our deep tissue massages include care of the whole body, but be sure that during your visit you communicate with your practitioner about any problem areas that may need extra attention. Deep tissue massages can induce intense relaxation, improve mobility and flexibility, decrease headaches and GI issues, improve symptoms of depression and anxiety, help with chronic aches and pains, and improve lymphatic and blood circulation. 


At the root of cranial-sacral massages is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF is moved up and down between your brain and all the way down your spinal column like water in a well pump. CSF is an essential part of how the brain communicates with the rest of the bod as it sends and receives nutrients to an from the  and cleans out waste products. Improving CSF flow has been shown to improve sleep quality and consistency, breathing and circulation, GI issues, cognition and memory, decrease headaches, and improve organ health. Cranial-sacral massages are administered while the client is clothed and utilizes a very light touch. This is an often overlooked element of health and many people have inhibited CSF flow that may go a long while undetected; we are very lucky to host three practitioners certified in this method. This is a great option for clients who may want a massage but might have sensitive skin, chronic pain, or nerve issues.


These are massages for pregnant bodies. Only therapists certified in prenatal massage can administer this type. Prenatal massages can help the specific aches and pains of pregnancy. They can address neck, back, and foot pain as well as GI complications, sleep, anxiety. These are also helpful for clients who have recently had their babies, are experiencing pregnancy-related or post-partum emotional distress. We provide a pregnancy body pillow to help you find the most comfortable position during your visit.

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