1. The Bugs That Live With Us: Gut Microbiome and Dysbiosis

    by Gabriel Ariciu, DC Many of my patients complain of stomach problems. Some of had chronic diarrhea others have had chronic constipation. All of them have had an upset stomach of sorts. They have tried many different avenues to figure out why and I am here to rely some information on that. So stay …Read More

  2. Check Your Environment: Mold

    by Gabriel Ariciu, DC Each climate is different and here in the Ozarks it can be very humid. The abundance of water brings a great deal of blessings. Massive forests, rolling hills of green grass, and lots of wildlife. But the humidity and combined with our living spaces can create a great breeding …Read More

  3. Wait, My Gut Is Leaking?!?

    By Gabriel Ariciu, DC Maybe you have heard of leaky gut or maybe not, but its prevalence today is increasing. Until recently, not much was known about it. There is a growing body of research surrounding leaky gut its negative effects. Many practitioners have known about this for a long time. Some ha…Read More